Our Work


The Belmont Wellness Coalition’s goal is to reduce drug misuse among Belmont youth, primarily alcohol and marijuana use. We do this in partnership with youth, parents, educators, and first responders committed to fostering healthy and positive lifestyles in Belmont. We offer some services ourselves, and provide references to partner groups for other efforts.

COVID-19 presents a special challenge. A primary driver toward drug use is stress, and many students – and their parents – feel stressed out on multiple levels. School is held remotely, youngsters miss their friends, the threat of death lurks around the corner, and boredom looms. Drugs present an “out” for some.

Health-Related Videos

BWC Program Coordinator Lisa Gibalerio is frequently interviewed on health-related topics by Mike Crowley for the “Belmont Journal News Now” online series on Belmont Media Center.

Visit these videos here.

Parent Advising

While the BWC does not provide counseling or therapy, feel free to contact the Program Coordinator for references to resources, or to schedule a confidential phone call.

Parent Education Efforts

The BWC creates and shares information about raising children in Belmont, with a focus on raising awareness concerning youth mental health issues and providing education to reduce youth substance misuse.


During COVID, workshops have largely been put on hold. Look for their return as the pandemic is overcome.